Taek Chuan Fitness is the latest health and nutrition professionals to hit the Miami Area.

Jesselynn Chuan and Howard Low Taek are fitness and movement instructors and bloggers based in Miami, FL. They have spent years on the fitness, education, and nutrition scene working with private clients and occasionally as “group health advisors” for small and medium companies in the Miami – Dade area. They want to tell you a little bit more about the Taek Chuan Fitness experience

As a personal trainer with qualifications in nutrition, yoga, and CrossFit, our primary service is to develop and implement personalized fitness programs for individual clients based on their unique needs and goals.

With every client, we conduct a comprehensive fitness assessment to evaluate the client’s physical condition, identify areas for improvement, and set realistic short and long goals for their fitness journey.

We create customized exercise plans that incorporate a variety of fitness techniques, including strength training, yoga, and CrossFit, to help clients reach their desired level of fitness.

In addition to exercise sessions, client’s will also receive expert guidance on nutrition, designing meal plans and offering advice on healthy eating habits to ensure clients achieve optimal results.

We monitor client’s progress and adjust their fitness plans as needed, ensuring that they are constantly challenged and progressing towards, or beyond, their fitness goals.

As a personal trainer, we will also serve as a motivator and a source of inspiration, encouraging clients to maintain their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

We maintain accurate records of clients’ progress and provide regular feedback to keep them informed and engaged.

Our expertise in yoga and CrossFit is essential in designing safe and effective workout routines that maximize the benefits of these disciplines while minimizing the risk of injury.

We stay up-to-date with the latest research and trends in fitness, nutrition, and exercise science, using this knowledge to continuously improve our own skills and provide the best possible service to your clients.

Finally, we demonstrate a commitment to your own personal fitness goals, leading by example and inspiring our clients to make fitness and healthy living a priority in their own lives.

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