How to Choose the Right Modern Kitchen Light Fixture for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Modern Kitchen Light Fixture for Your Home

Home remodels are your opportunity to turn your new house into your dream home, starting with creating a modern kitchen. The average kitchen upgrade costs around $26,000, though there are more affordable and subtle changes you can make to alter your kitchen’s appearance.

Investing in and installing a modern kitchen light fixture is the best option when creating a new appearance for your home’s kitchen. You’ll find many beautiful options worth considering, though it’s best to research each to find the perfect lighting options.

The good news is that you’re not on this journey alone. You’ve discovered this handy guide to the tips you can use when shopping for trendy lighting. Continue reading to begin upgrading your kitchen today!

Create a Focal Point

When shopping for a modern kitchen light fixture, looking for options that create a stunning focal point is essential. You’ll enhance your shopping experience by planning in advance and looking up ideas online and through apps like Pinterest. Your research will save you several headaches and help you find the perfect types of lighting.

The focal point in your kitchen is where your eyes will land when you walk in. A sizable kitchen light fixture will command attention from everyone entering your kitchen.

The other lighting upgrades should play off the design of your focal point. Choose a focal point you love before progressing with upgrading your kitchen.

Consider pendant lighting if you picture a kitchen with an island. If you have a narrow kitchen, find a fixture closer to the ceiling for the best look. Chandeliers offer a stunning look for your kitchen that will make you smile daily.

Find the Ideal Style

Your lighting options should reflect your style and the aesthetic you want to create for your home. It’s vital to note your home’s layout when choosing trendy lighting for the kitchen. You’ll want a lighting option covering the necessary area if you or your guests can see the kitchen from other parts of the house.

Look at the types of finishes available and match your fixture with the look you want to cultivate. If you prefer a modern and sleek kitchen appearance, look for lighting that creates that aesthetic. You can also find lighting fixtures designed to create a more rustic look.

Consider your furniture and home’s architectural design when selecting a modern kitchen light fixture. If you’re stuck between two options, find a middle ground that brings elements of your two favorite fixtures. You’ll be on your way to the best new kitchens Swansea.

Account for Scale

A large kitchen deserves a sizable light fixture. Look at the size of your kitchen and determine the ideal size of kitchen lights to install. A small fixture in an expansive kitchen will look awkward and out of place.

A massive light fixture will dominate a small kitchen and create a claustrophobic atmosphere. It’s best to look at the size of your kitchen’s island to find the perfect modern kitchen light fixture for your home remodeling needs.

The island is the perfect option to measure the size and number of lights you’ll need to create the ideal atmosphere in your kitchen. Evenly-spaced light fixtures will create balance and provide ample light for cooking and food preparation.

Fixtures using clear glass bulbs are the best option to allow light to spread through the kitchen. Natural light will also pass through th fixtures, creating the impression of more space in the kitchen.

Include Mood Lighting

Finding the perfect kitchen light fixture should continue after installing the focal point. Mood lighting is an excellent option for complimentary light in the kitchen, and you can install it in several places to make it unobtrusive and beneficial.

Bright light is beneficial when baking, cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes. It’s obnoxious and can cause headaches after you complete those tasks. The lighting in your kitchen will affect the mood in other rooms.

Consider pairing under-cabinet mood lighting with a dimmer switch. You’ll have the flexibility to create the ideal setting for vision and comfort when spending time in the kitchen. You’ll add enough lighting to be beneficial without creating an overpowering volume of light.

Highlight High-Volume Areas

Your modern kitchen light fixtures should be placed over the areas that get the most use in your kitchen. Placing light fixtures over the sink, island, and parts of the countertop ensures you’ll have the light necessary to handle all tasks.

Wall sconces are an effective way to add to your kitchen’s appeal. The light produced by the sconces will provide more effective lighting for kitchen tasks while adding to the space’s aesthetic.

Track lighting is also worth considering when upgrading your kitchen. Track lighting options are flexible and easy to update, making them a go-to upgrade for trendy lighting in your house.

Account for Lightbulbs

The perfect combination of lights will only produce the desired effect if you use the correct lightbulbs for the ideal setting and atmosphere. The wrong lightbulbs will ruin the look you’ve worked hard to create.

Look for lightbulbs providing immense illumination to ensure you can complete all necessary kitchen tasks. Find cool, blue lightbulb options when shopping for bulbs for your focal point lighting fixture.

The lights under your cabinets will look best with warm lighting to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance. You can opt for a less powerful bulb since your under-cabinet lights are not the primary light source in the space.

Consider installing LED lights when upgrading your kitchen. They’ll last far longer and use less energy than traditional lightbulb options.

Install Your Modern Kitchen Light Fixture Today

Installing a modern kitchen light fixture is one of the first changes to make when upgrading your kitchen, and it’s vital to plan your design for the ideal look. Find fixtures that match your kitchen’s scale and the style you crave with the types of lighting you find. Install under-cabinet lighting with warm bulbs to compliment the focal point.

Making upgrades to your home is a fulfilling part of being a homeowner. Read our Home and Garden content for ideas and tips to improve your home today!

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