Gearforfit: One-Stop Destination for Fitness Equipment

Are you, in search of top notch fitness gear to enhance your workout routine? Explore Gearforfit for a range of home and gym equipment. Located in Markham, Ontario Gearforfit is a Canadian owned and family operated business dedicated to meeting your fitness needs. From weights and bars to cardio machines and accessories we have everything you need.

Strength Training Equipment

Having the weights and bars is crucial for strength training. offers a selection of quality dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and weight plates designed for sculpting and toning your body efficiently.

Storage Solutions

Optimize your gym space with our racks that help keep things organized. Whether you require a rack, power rack or weight storage rack we have options for different setups and budgets. Our racks are built for stability and safety so you can focus on pushing yourself.

Bench Essentials

A bench is a must have, for any strength training routine. Gearforfit provides a variety of workout benches, including benches and adjustable incline benches designed for comfort and stability, with ergonomic features and high quality padding to support your exercise routine effectively.


Increase your strength and muscle mass using our variety of strength training equipment. From cable machines to resistance bands we provide options to target muscle groups and reach your fitness objectives. Our equipment is durable allowing you to push yourself and witness progress, over time.


Elevate your heart rate. Burn calories with our selection of machines. Whether you enjoy jogging on a treadmill cycling on a bike or rowing on an ergometer we have gear suitable for all preferences and fitness levels. Stay consistent with your cardio routine in the comfort of your home or gym.


Enhance your workout routines with our assortment of fitness accessories. From yoga mats and foam rollers to resistance bands and agility ladders we offer everything to elevate your training sessions. Our accessories are crafted to complement your exercises and enhance performance.


Improve your agility, speed and coordination using our conditioning equipment. From agility cones to speed ropes we provide tools that aid, in enhancing performance and agility. Integrate conditioning exercises into your regimen to boost fitness levels and mobility.

Gym Organization & Flooring

Maintain an secure gym space with our range of storage solutions and flooring choices.

We provide a range of items such, as weight racks, storage containers, rubber flooring and mats to help you set up an cozy workout space. Consider investing in durable storage solutions and flooring materials to prolong the lifespan of your equipment and reduce the risk of injuries.

Fitness Equipment Packages

Are you looking to set up your home gym or fitness center? Check out our customizable equipment bundles, for options. Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned pro we offer packages tailored to your requirements and budget. Get all your essentials in one package. Start your fitness adventure today.

Atlas Strength Collection

Explore our fitness gear from the Atlas Strength series. Crafted for top notch performance and longevity these items are favored by athletes and fitness enthusiasts globally. Take your training to the level with high quality equipment designed for results.

Final Verdict

Gearforfit is the go to spot for premium fitness gear and accessories in Markham, Ontario. With our selection of products dedication, to excellence and top notch customer service we’re here to guide you on your fitness path every step of the way. Pay us a visit today. Discover the Gearforfit advantage!

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