What is PoE Trade and How Does It Work?

If you have ever found yourself wondering what PoE trade is and how it works, then read over this short article. It will give you the information on what the idea behind this style of trade is, as well as crucial information on its history. By the end, you’ll be able to answer the question: “What is PoE Trade?”

What is PoE Trade?

PoE Trade is a web-based application that helps you make better in-game decisions. It aggregates publicly available information about a character and presents it in a simple, clean and easily digestible way.

It doesn’t show much by itself, but if you open PoE Trade while playing Path of Exile and hover over an item, PoE Trade will highlight all items that match the base type of the hovered item. If you click on one of those items, it will overlay a box with detailed information about that specific item.

PoE Trade can even help you make decisions about buying items from vendors! Hover over an item offered by a vendor and it will highlight all the items in your inventory that match the base type of vendor’s offer and tell you what currency to use to buy it (if any).

Why use PoE Trade?

You can find the price of a particular item by searching for it. The item’s minimum level requirement, if any, is also displayed.

Clicking the “Required Level” header will sort items by their minimum level requirement, while clicking the “Popularity” header sorts items by how many people have listed that item on poe.trade (this includes listings with no currency offered).

Clicking an item’s name will show you a list of characters who are selling that item (including character name, price and league). If you click one of these characters, you’ll be taken to the item’s page on poe.trade where you can see all their available trades. You can also click the number under “Seller” to see all sellers for this item.

How to Use PoE Trade?

The system is straightforward and easy to use, but it may take a bit of time to get used to.

The first thing you will want to do is type in the name of the item that you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the website. For example, if you are looking for a pair of leather boots, type in “Leather Boots” into the search bar. You can also find items by their base name by searching for “Boots”, but this may make it harder to find your desired item if there are more than one type of boots listed on poe.trade.

Once you have typed in your search query into the search bar, the results will appear on the screen. Depending on what exactly you have searched for, you may need to filter through a lot of results until you find what you are looking for (this drastically depends on what exactly you are searching for).

One way to filter out unwanted items is by using modifiers (for example, Chaos Orb stacksize). To filter items by modifiers, click on “Modifiers” and check off each modifier that you want to apply (for example Full Rare Set).

Benefits of Using PoE Trade

Here are the main reasons why PoE Trade is a great website to use:

  • It’s completely free, and offers more than just Path of Exile item trading. There’s market analysis tools, currency exchange tools and so much more.
  • It allows players to find items much faster than they would normally be able to do so. Since it’s used by a lot of people, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for in a short period of time.
  • There are multiple filters that help narrow down search results and make finding the right items much easier.
  • The Path of Exile community is really active, and there are plenty of helpful guides and tutorials from other users.

How do I use poe.trade to buy items?

Poe.trade is a social marketplace where users create listings of items they want to sell and buy, or items they want to find. As with any marketplace, there are ways to make money on poe.trade by placing low-priced “steal” listings, looking for other users who want an item you’re selling and buying it from them.

To use poe.trade to purchase items, you’ll need an account with at least 10,000 karma (a sort of online reputation). You can sign up for free at poe.trade/signup . Once your account is set up, you can start making trades by placing a listing for an item you want to sell and then linking it to a “buy” price.

What Items Can You Trade in PoE?

The types of items that can be traded are limited (for the most part) to currency and orbs, white (normal), blue (magic), yellow (rare) and unique items. You can also trade maps and divination cards, but these are far less common in trades.

You can even trade skill gems and certain equipment if they are not bound to your account. Most quest rewards cannot be traded, but there is an exception: The Searing Touch unique wand can be traded because it never binds to your account.

How Does PoE Trade Work?

Trading in Path of Exile is built around a bartering system. Players trade items with each other for currency, which can be used to acquire more powerful items.

There are two types of currency in Path of Exile: Orbs and Scrolls. Orbs are the most valuable items in the game, while Scrolls are ordinary magic and rare items that have been transmuted into a different item.

Orbs can be used to modify the properties of another item, while scrolls can be used to add affixes to un-modified items. The key difference between these two types of currency is that scrolls will only affect one specific type of item, while orbs can potentially affect any item.


PoE Trade is a lightning-fast, browser based PoE currency trading website which allows you to safely buy and sell Path of Exile Currency with real-time market updates. It’s a great place for new traders to learn the basics of trading, and it’s also an excellent tool for experienced players to find profitable trends in the market. You can also link your account on the site to your character names on our forum so that anyone who sees a price you’ve posted can contact you and arrange the trade immediately. For example, if someone might want to buy your jewel because they’re looking for one with four links, they can get in touch with you on the forum so that you can help them locate a four-linked jewel without having to take extra time out of your day looking for one. All in all, we highly recommend PoE Trade as a safe, efficient marketplace where you can play some of your coin flipping and shopping thanks to dextrous purchases.

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