Hiring a Wedding Band – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hiring a Wedding Band – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you planning to host a grand wedding party? You might have chosen your wedding venue and created your food menu. However, if you want to create a perfect environment, hiring a live music band is a good decision. It will develop a festive mood at the party venue. But, what questions should you ask your wedding band? Find the list of common questions you can ask your chosen music band.

Have you shown your music performance at other wedding events?

The most reputed bands have been associated with the business for several years. So, you can ask performers about the number of wedding events that they attended in the past. New bands may charge less, but an experienced one knows well how to make your party successful with outstanding music. They can choose the best songs that encourage your guests to dance at the party. 

When will you reach the wedding venue?

The reliable live music bands inform you when they will arrive at the site. They always try to reach there earlier. However, make sure that the band does not charge an extra amount for early arrival. 

How much time do you take for the overall setup?

Many music bands take around one hour to 90 minutes for a full setup. They also check the audio while setting up the system. The soundcheck may make the venue slightly noisy if your guests are in the same room. Efficient professionals are able to configure everything within the shortest time. 

Do you attend multiple events in a single day?

No one likes to hire a team of tired performers. If the chosen band attends several parties in a day, the performers may lose energy. There is also a risk of late arrival at the venue. It is better to choose a band that will work only for you on a particular day.

Can we check the music list?

Every music band for wedding parties creates its unique list of songs that performers will sing. However, the band may also refine the setlist over time based on the customers’ preferences and the latest trends. Besides, you can ask whether you will be allowed to select songs from the list. However, there is no need to ask anything about the order of songs. As these music artists are professional, they will provide the best experience. 

Should I pay some money in advance to hire your band?

When you consult a music band for hiring performers, you should ask them whether they need an initial deposit. Other professionals like photographers and event managers ask you to pay an amount in advance. So, you have to be clear about these issues while engaging a music band.

Which music genres do you choose?

The best band has performers who sing songs of different genres. You will get the freedom to choose the genre that matches your party environment. 

You may ask more questions to your wedding band, of course. Hire a wedding band with Stargigs and connect with the most talented performers. They will entertain your guests throughout the day.

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